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Caves, salt lakes and deserts: what to see in the Trans-Baikal Territory

There are dozens of reasons to go to Transbaikalia. For example, to see a real desert, go down into an ice cave, feel the history of the Decembrists and visit Buddhist datsans. Not to mention excellent fishing, river rafting and safari in nature reserves. All routes start from Chita, the capital of the Trans-Baikal Territory. […]


How to organize a trip to Uzbekistan: prices, tours and sightseeing routes

Uzbekistan is a convenient mix for the Russian tourist: close, relatively inexpensive, at the same time exotic and delicious. Journalist Kristina Golubeva specifically for the B2B blog.Ostrovok found out how much a trip to the country will cost, why traveling to Uzbekistan with a tour is more profitable, and how best to build an excursion


Where to relax in Abkhazia: beaches and hotels on the Island

Many people associate Abkhazia with the romance of the Soviet resort. In those days, the palm trees were greener and the Black Sea was cleaner. The flavor of the beach holidays of the last century has been preserved here in many ways: the familiar architecture and the branded retro train from Sochi contribute to this.


Islands of Russia: 10 amazing places from Baltschug to Olkhon

You don’t have to travel to distant countries and experience jetlag to find amazing islands with deserted beaches, unusual museums and funny sculptures. We tell you about the “home” islands in Russia, which every traveler can easily get to. And there are enough interesting and pleasant things in these locations for more than one weekend


Pack a backpack: more and more Russians are keen on hiking

The idea for an unforgettable summer is to go hiking. According to a study by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) with the participation of the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, 69% of travelers like hiking.  It also became known from the survey that: 48% choose


It’s time to create and get up: Kaluga will host a street art festival

Grab brushes and paints to add colors to a new day! From June 29 to July 13, 2024, Kaluga will host the festival of street art “Transition”.  The event will bring together artists from Russia, India and Kazakhstan. They will draw murals about space flights, new technologies and developments, artificial intelligence. Several urban sites on

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