In the Japanese city of Kyoto, foreigners will be banned from walking on some streets

В японском городе Киото иностранцам запретят гулять по некоторым улицам

Have you already managed to look at the cherry blossoms? It’s time to go to Japan — however, in Kyoto they are going to ban walking on some streets. 

For example, Gion district is a popular tourist destination, but it will be closed to foreigners. The authorities are going to introduce such a ban to protect geisha from harassment by the public. It’s all the fault of the inappropriate behavior of some tourists who perceive the area as a “theme park”.

Most likely, some streets will be closed in April. As local official Isokazu Ota said, “We are going to install signs warning tourists not to enter our private streets.” At the same time, the main streets of Gion will remain open. 

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