Now without fjords: Russians will not be able to get to Norway for the purpose of tourism

Теперь без фьордов: россияне не смогут попасть в Норвегию с целью туризма

According to a statement posted on the Norwegian government’s website, the country will no longer allow Russians coming for tourism and other purposes of non-primary importance.

The rules will come into force on May 29, 2024. They will apply to those who received a Norwegian visa before the tightening of the rules in the spring of 2022, and those who received a visa from other Schengen countries.


  • visiting close relatives living in Norway (parents, officially registered spouses, de facto spouses and children);
  • arriving in the country for the purpose of studying or working in Norway or other Schengen countries. 

Recently, the EU has tightened the rules for entry with animals. Read about it here.

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