Ohhh, wow! Get 100% cashback for your summer vacation on the Island

Ооооо, вот это да! Получи 100% кешбэк за летний отдых на Островке

What is it?! Cashback with real money? Yes, that’s him! We suggest that you relax one hundred percent this summer and become one of the 300 lucky people to whom we will refund the money spent on the hotel. Sooooo tempting!

Until the end of summer, you can book hotels, apartments and any other accommodation options on the Island’s website and mobile app with a promo code for a 5% discount and automatically becomes a participant in the big draw.

Your summer promo code

Is easy to remember: enter “Ooooh!” when booking a hotel or apartment on the Island. Enter it correctly: Cyrillic or Latin, the first letter is large, do not lose the exclamation mark! Quotation marks, of course, are not necessary.

The promo code can be used as many times as you want, the main thing is that the departure date for all your bookings falls within the period from June 15 to August 31. This is necessary so that all your trips participate in the draw, because the more you travel, the higher the chance to win! 

In September, we will use a randomizer to identify 300 travelers who will receive up to 100,000 rubles in cashback.

How to participate

  • Choose a hotel, apartment or other accommodation option on the Island’s website or app. The destination can be any: from Sochi to Hurghada, from Dagestan to Cancun! 
  • Make sure that the departure date for the reservation will be no later than August 31st. Otherwise, alas, your reservation will not participate in the drawing. 
  • Check the box “I have a promo code” when paying.
  • Enter the promo code “Ohhh!“, click “Apply”.
  • Get a 5% discount, pay for your reservation, enjoy your vacation and wait for September 9th.

Ооооо, вот это да! Получи 100% кешбэк за летний отдых на Островке

At the beginning of autumn, we will learn the names of 300 hundred percent lucky people who will receive 100% cashback in real rubles, not virtual points or promo codes (the amount of cashback cannot be more than 100,000 rubles).

How long will the promo code be valid

You can use the promo code for a 5% discount from June 15 to August 31, 2024 inclusive.

What does 100% cashback mean

The winners of the draw will receive 100% cashback for a vacation within 100,000 rubles. That is, we will refund the money spent on the booking. We take care of the taxes on the winnings.

How to collect your prize

The winners will be selected on September 9, 2024 randomly using a randomizer. We will announce this on our social media pages and send personal emails to fortune’s favorites with detailed instructions on the next steps. 

In order not to miss anything, subscribe to the telegram of the Island. You can also follow our news on the VK page or on ok.ru .

If you have any questions

Take a look at the promotion website, where we talked about the rules of the draw and gave you ideas for a cool trip — suddenly you are still thinking about where to go this summer. 

By the way, a selection of amazing cities and inspiring places in nature can always be found on the blog. 

Chasing 100% cashback on vacation?

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