Pack a backpack: more and more Russians are keen on hiking

Собирай рюкзак: всё больше россиян увлекаются пешими походами

The idea for an unforgettable summer is to go hiking. According to a study by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) with the participation of the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, 69% of travelers like hiking. 

It also became known from the survey that:

  • 48% choose simple full-day hikes;
  • 49% rely on personal experience in preparation and planning;
  • 43% listen to the advice of friends;
  • 7% rarely go to specialized tourist clubs;
  • 78% use a car to get to the hiking trail;
  • 68% consider pointers and information stands to be the most important sources of information in hiking;
  • 88% use digital devices for navigation during the hike.

So, if you decide to go hiking, then we have an article about tracking for beginners. And a couple more harmful tips — it’s better not to listen to them.

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