The EU has tightened the rules for the import of pets from Russia and Belarus

ЕС ужесточил правила ввоза домашних животных из России и Беларуси

From September 16, 2024, a rabies antibody test will be required to transport dogs, cats and ferrets to the European Union. So it’s time to urgently check all the necessary vaccinations for fluffy pets.

The new rule will apply to both commercial and non-commercial movement, as well as transit. 

It is also specified that the test must be performed in accredited laboratories. Their list is published on the EU website.

Now, for importation, a subcutaneous microchip or tattoo from a pet is required, as well as the presence of a rabies vaccine. The primary vaccination of the animal must be carried out at least 12 weeks old.

We tell you what you need to move with animals.

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