​​Vacation in the best village in Russia: a new glamping will open in the village of Vyatsky

​​Отдых в лучшем селе России: в селе Вятском откроется новый глэмпинг

Very soon, in the village of Vyatsky, Yaroslavl region, you will be able to relax in nature in cozy houses: the glamping “Dachas Russian Seasons” will be launched on June 28. 

The village of Vyatskoye near Yaroslavl is part of the Association of the most beautiful villages in Russia: It is an open-air museum of pre-revolutionary life and an ideal setting for atmospheric retro-style photo shoots.

  • Vyatskoye: a revived rural idyll

The new glamping “Dachas Russian Seasons” will include houses with panoramic terraces and barbecue areas, as well as a cottage on the water. Guests can take a steam bath in the Finnish sauna overlooking the water meadows and the lake.

The same hotel chain in the village of Vyatsky has several interesting hotels in restored merchant mansions. For example, “Rooms of merchant Ozerov”, “House of merchant Glinkina” and “Contractor Terentyev”. Discounts on accommodation under the GURU Island loyalty program are available everywhere.

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Cover photo: Aleksandr Medvedkov/Shutterstock.com

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