Cyberpunk in Suzdal: how the millennium of the city was reflected in digital art “Under the Dome”

Киберпанк в Суздале: как тысячелетие города отразилось в диджитал-арте «Под куполом»

Digital artists were able to combine the latest digital art and ancient Russian architecture, reflecting the spirit of the ancient city using 3D-charts. That was the goal of the “Under the Dome” project. The event is dedicated to the millennium of the city of Suzdal. 

The project is presented in the VK group, and it started on May 15, 2024. 

10 authors selected by VS Gallery took part in the digital art. They went to Suzdal, where the staff of the museum-reserve arranged for them a rich program with immersion in the history and culture of the city. 

As a result, the artists have original works that convey a fresh look at Russian traditions. And even if the art is modern, they still reflect the outlines of recognizable architectural masterpieces, and references to Russian fairy tales.

Киберпанк в Суздале: как тысячелетие города отразилось в диджитал-арте «Под куполом»

As a result, the artists have turned out original works that convey unexpected and fresh views on Russian traditions. Photo: Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve

The motifs of domes and churches in their works are played by such authors as YOmoYO, Danil Karamushkin, Kirill Rave and Dmitry Shabalin — everyone has their own taste and view. And for example, Julia Cyberflora transferred the Russian national costume to the world of cyberpunk — it looks unusual.

Some of the works are planned to be shown on the streets of Russian cities and not only. For example, the art will be shown in Times Square in New York. Guests and residents of the Big Apple will see works of art by Aristarchus Chernyshev, Dmitry Shabalin, Kirill Rave, Julia Cyberflora, Rinatto L’bank and Meta Rite.

We offer you to admire the beauty of Suzdal. Suddenly, he will become a source of inspiration for you too!

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