Flying on an airship: an unusual transport is going to be launched in Malta

Полетать на дирижабле: в Мальте собираются запустить необычный транспорт

The plan for the future is to arrange a trip on an airship! And we just found a way to do it. In the near future, it will be possible to get to the island of Gozo and Sicily by unusual air transport from Malta. This was announced by the British company HybridAir Vehicles (HAV).

The airship accommodates up to 100 people, and its speed is equal to a high-speed train, while the aircraft does not make noise. Experts note that carrier companies do not depend on large airports, as they do not need a long runway. 

In addition, the airship will help reduce harmful emissions by up to 90%.

You can get to Malta by connecting flights operated by Turkish Airlines.

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