Michelin keys: the guide has compiled a rating of hotels in France

Ключи «Мишлен»: гид составил рейтинг отелей Франции

Restaurants are awarded stars, and hotels… keys! This decision was made by the Michelin guide and for the first time compiled a rating of hotels.

The first “keys” were awarded to hotels in France — and among those who received this distinction were: 24 hotels with three keys, 38 hotels with two keys and 127 hotels with one key.

The assessment was given by anonymous inspectors who were guided by criteria such as architecture and interior design, quality and consistency of service, personality and character, value for money and guest impressions.

In addition, Michelin will soon announce ratings for the United States, Spain, Italy and Japan.

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Cover photo: V_E/Shutterstock.com

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