How to choose a hotel for a sea holiday

Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

You can choose the perfect hotel by the sea for an endless time. Dozens of chat links, memorized reviews and photos, countless favorites and a cheerful discussion of the advantages and disadvantages at one o’clock in the morning — is it familiar? We tell you how to simplify this process and find your hidden treasure. A variety of hotel filters on the Island are rushing to the rescue.


  • Hotel, apartment, villa
  • Beach and location
  • Attractions
  • Number
  • Power supply
  • Services
  • Reviews

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Hotel, apartment or villa

The filter of the same name will help to formulate the type of accommodation more precisely: you can choose a resort hotel, bungalow, guest house, apartment hotel or hostel. If you like to stay in chain hotels, check out what you want in the “Hotel Chain” block, for example, Holiday Inn or DoubleTree by Hilton. And if you already have a pet, just enter his name in the “Hotel name” field.

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Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

You can select the type of placement using a filter.

Beach and location

The beach is nearby. No one wants to get into the meme “One hundred meters to the sea”, in which 100 m is a steep staircase with a couple hundred steps to the beach. The “Beach nearby” filter will help to avoid such a situation, it can be found in the “Hotel services and amenities” section on the Island.

The distance to the beach. The filter of the same name is relevant for popular beach resorts and allows you to accurately measure the distance that will have to be overcome to the surf line — up to 100 meters, up to 500, up to 1.5 km or even more.

Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

The “Distance to the beach” filter is relevant for popular beach resorts and allows you to accurately measure the distance that will have to be overcome to the surf line.

The Ruler tool. You can check the actual distance from the hotel to the coveted sea using the Ruler tool located in the upper right corner of the interactive map. And yes, the distance can be measured with an accuracy of several meters — this is especially important if you plan a vacation with young children, elderly or disabled family members.

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The walk is not easy

I lived in a hotel in Cirali (Turkey) at a distance of 1.5 km from the sea. It only seems that a mile and a half is easy to overcome. Imagine the heat and the dusty road you have to walk along after active snorkeling. In order not to make a mistake with the location, carefully study the location of the hotel on Google maps. If the hotel is far from the sea, ask if there is a transfer to the beach and what is its travel interval. 

Maria Vikhreva, the author of the Island

The pool and its own beach. Another equally important aspect is the nature of the beach: private hotel or public. To figure this out, you need to go to the object’s card and check the “Pool and beach” column in the “Amenities”. At some hotels in the same block, you can see a photo of the beach: it can be either the usual sandy or pebble beach, or a beach in the form of a platform on stilts. In this case, the sunbeds are located on the deck, you need to go down a ladder into the water, and there is no shallow water area, the depth begins immediately. The latter option is not suitable for swimming with young children and for adults who cannot swim.

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Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

To find out the Nature of the beach, you need to go to the object card and check the “Pool and beach” column in the “Amenities”.


Attractions. If you already know which beach you want to spend most of your vacation on or from which place you will lay all the routes, you should immediately specify it in the “Attractions” filter. For example, for Turkish Alanya it can be Cleopatra beach, and for Bali — the beaches of Kuta, Batu Bolong, Pandava or Nusa Dua.

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The area and proximity to the center. There are a couple more filters that will help you get closer to the ideal — proximity to the city center and the desired area. For some, an all-inclusive hotel with its own beach, remote from all the sights, is more suitable, while others want to be in the center of the bustling life of the city with its shops, bars and iconic places. These filters will become a magic wand, the main thing is to know exactly which waytwist it. 

Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

There is a proximity to the center filter that will help you get closer to the ideal.

When to settle away from the center

Kash is the rare case when I carefully chose a place to live in the center and lost: as the owner of the hotel said, it is officially allowed to make noise in the city until two o’clock in the morning. Discos and bars actively use this right: the feeling that you are trying to fall asleep in the middle of the dance floor. In general, next time I will carefully unscrew the filter away from the center — say, in the area of the ancient theater.


We are all different: someone does not care where to spend the night in between bathing and sunbathing, as long as there is a bed. Someone, on the contrary, wants to drink tea or something stronger at sunset on their balcony or terrace, enjoying the view and the warmth of the southern night. The filters of the In-room unit will help you choose the option that suits you: here you can specify the presence of an air conditioner, a private bathroom and a balcony. Yes, rooms with sea-ocean views are a little more expensive, but let’s be honest, it’s worth it. 

Holidays with children. If you are traveling with the whole family, in the “Accommodation features” section, it is worth noting the “Suitable for children” filter. The selection will help you sort hotels that are focused on accommodating a noisy company — so that children are at ease and they do not interfere with other vacationers. You can check how many offspring and how they can be accommodated in the selected room in the hotel card. Go to the “Facilities” — “Children” section and see if baby cots are provided.

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Traveling with a pet. If you can’t imagine a vacation without a furry friend, don’t forget to check the “Allowed with pets” filter. And it’s worth looking at the footage of the room!

Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

If you can’t imagine a vacation without a furry friend, don’t forget to mark the filter “Allowed with pets”.

Power supply

Have breakfast and skip off for ten hours to explore the area, swim and sunbathe, shop and explore the local cuisine? Or relax and cruise all day between a sunbed and inclusive meals and drinks? It’s up to you, and we’ll help. Mark your preferences in the “Meals” section and you will get a few extra hours (or days) to plan your trip. There is a choice: no meals, only breakfast, half board or “everything, everywhere and at once”, that is, all-inclusive. 

If you plan to cook on your own or travel with young children, make sure that there is a kitchen — this can also be checked in the filters in the room positions. Another possible option to feed the little tired fidgets is to choose a room without a kitchen, but with the possibility to order meals with room delivery.

Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

Mark your preferences in the “Meals” section and you will get a few extra hours (or days) to plan your trip.


Swimming pool, water park and animation. For many tourists, an important attribute of a hotel by the sea is a swimming pool. There are many advantages: there is no need to go anywhere, no fish or sea urchin will bite the side, and if after breakfast and swimming you are irresistibly drawn to sleep — an air-conditioned room is just around the corner. 

Options with a water park and animation are perfect for families with toddlers and teenagers. The sun terrace and beach and pool facilities are ideal for vacationers who dream of a natural and even kiss of the sun. Fans of outdoor activities are advised to pay attention to possible sports activities at the hotel: snorkeling, diving, hiking or cycling.

Transfer. If you do not want to bother with transport from/to the airport, choose hotels that provide transfers to guests — you will also find a note about this in the hotel card in the “Amenities” section. 

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Как выбрать отель для отдыха на море

If you don’t want to bother with airport transportation, choose hotels that provide transfers to guests.

Feedback rating

A criterion that depends on your selectivity or unpretentiousness. You can sort the options with a rating of “Super: 9+”, but the golden mean is a rating of “Very good: 7+”. And, of course, be sure to look at what they write in the reviews: is it just that the pearls are small or are there really serious flaws. 

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Oh, gods, I want to throw everything away and rush to the sea! Buy new clothes, choose a cozy hotel and watch the sunsets, drawing patterns on the sand or trying to find a fancy pebble while the sun slowly goes below the horizon. At dusk, to return to a temporary home that has become the whole world, and remember every happy moment — while we and our love are still alive. 


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