It became known which city was recognized as the best European capital

Стало известно, какой город признали лучшей европейской столицей

Drum roll! In 2024, Lisbon became the best European capital.

The city is popular with travelers because of its unique architecture and warm weather. Experts from VisaGuide.World in its rating notes a small weekly budget (about 385 €), which will be needed to visit the Portuguese capital. In addition, Lisbon is friendly to tourists, which is important.

This is what the top ten looks like:

  • Lisbon (Portugal);
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Prague (Czech Republic);
  • Warsaw (Poland);
  • Madrid (Spain);
  • Zagreb (Croatia);
  • London (UK);
  • Rome (Italy);
  • Bern (Switzerland);
  • Paris (France).

You can view the rating here.

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