Sri Lanka will simplify the process of obtaining a driver’s license for foreigners

На Шри-Ланке упростят процесс получения водительских прав для иностранцев

Sometimes, in order to have time to visit all the sights without jostling on buses, it’s great to have a driver’s license with you. For example, the Sri Lankan authorities will simplify the process of obtaining them for foreign travelers. Now you can apply for your rights at the airport.

It is worth remembering that international certificates are not valid in Sri Lanka. And to rent a scooter or a car, you need to go through a number of bureaucratic procedures in the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT). And even then, this is not a guarantee that everyone will get the rights. But the new measures will make the process easier.

It is not yet specified what exactly a tourist will need to carry with him in order to obtain a Sri Lankan identity card. Most likely, you will need to show your rights and pay a fee. The cost of the service now varies: €72-86.

By the way, until March 31, 2024, Russians can apply for a Sri Lankan visa for free.

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