Prepare the cart in winter: revealed the trends of summer travel in 2024

Готовь телегу зимой: выявил тенденции летних путешествий в 2024 году

Although it is hard to believe, but summer is just around the corner. Our analysts have already identified a number of interesting trends in summer travel in 2024, having studied the early bookings of Russians for June–August.

We are glad to share the results with you.

Hotels in Russia

  • The number of bookings in Russia increased by 30%;
  • The Republic of Dagestan (the number of bookings increased by 75%), Kaliningrad and Irkutsk regions (by 58%) and the Republic of Tatarstan (by 50%) are especially popular among destinations;
  • Travelers began to book accommodation in 5* hotels more often than in 2023 (demand increased by 78%).

Hotels abroad

  • The number of bookings abroad increased by 77%;
  • visa-free destinations, countries with direct flights, as well as European countries issuing tourist visas are in the top;
  • the average cost of a booked night abroad this summer is 7000 rubles (in 2023 — 8,300 rubles).

And another nice bonus: catch a list of countries where you can get to without a visa and on a direct flight.

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