The best cities for pedestrians have become known

Стали известны лучшие города для пешеходов

Oh, now I would like to walk a couple of kilometers, and not that’s all! Compare the Market Australia has presented a ranking of the best and worst cities for pedestrians. 

Experts assessed walking routes, safety indicators, the cost of public transport and other factors.

We got into the top 10:

  • Munich (Germany);
  • Milan (Italy);
  • Warsaw (Poland);
  • Helsinki (Finland);
  • Paris (France);
  • Tokyo (Japan);
  • Madrid (Spain);
  • Oslo (Norway);
  • Copenhagen (Denmark);
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The top ten were: Johannesburg (South Africa), Patras (Greece), Dallas (USA), Houston (USA), Manila (Philippines). 

The entire list can be viewed on the official website. 

Many of the cities in the top of the best are from Europe, so we tell you how to get there from Russia in 2024.

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