The cheapest and most expensive destinations of 2024 have become known

Стали известны самые дешёвые и дорогие направления 2024 года

The Wethrift coupon and discount website team has compiled the top of the cheapest and most expensive destinations in the world.

Criteria such as the number and cost of direct flights from different countries, accessibility of transport, prices for housing, food and attractions were evaluated.

Top 5 cheapest cities:

  • New Delhi (India);
  • Hanoi (Vietnam);
  • Cairo (Egypt);
  • Istanbul (Turkey);
  • Hurghada (Egypt).

Top 5 most expensive:

  • Florence (Italy);
  • Belfast (UK);
  • Sydney (Australia);
  • New York (USA);
  • London (Great Britain).

The most affordable entertainment and attractions are in Cairo, Hurghada and Hanoi, but in Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and Phuket you will have to spend money.

We have also collected places where you can go in February — for different wallets.

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