Where it’s not scary to walk at night: the media named the safest countries in the world

Где не страшно гулять по ночам: в СМИ назвали самые безопасные страны мира

Numbeo edition ranked the world’s countries by security level in 2024. 

The rating was based on a survey among users of the Numbeo website. They assessed States based on criteria such as the general perception of the crime rate in the country, safety during walks day and night, concern about potential crimes, and so on.

In total, 146 States were included in the list. The top ten safe destinations are: 

  • Andorra;
  • UAE;
  • Qatar;
  • Taiwan;
  • Oman;
  • Isle of Man;
  • Armenia;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Japan;
  • Singapore.

Cover photo: Oleg_P/Shutterstock.com

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